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Welcome to my Art Website where you can be informed about all the exciting things that go on in our art studio.


My name is Karen Hnatowicz and I have been teaching art for over 12 years.  I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from Pratt Institute, and a Teacher of Art Certification (K-12). I'm excited to be teaching visual arts to 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades.


I pride myself in employing an intensive artistic immersion program. I look forward to bringing my passion for art to the Allentown Arts Academy Elementary Charter School! I care about my students, and I strive to inspire and cultivate a love of for learning art. Students will be instructed in the fundamentals in art and design, color theory, and facilitate proper artistic methodologies and aesthetic understandings.   Art lessons will correlate with the academic core curriculum, cultures around the world, and famous works in art history.  Students learn to explore and experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques.  Understanding all the ingredients needed to create masterful and meaningful artwork.

Why make Art?

Art activities build children’s skills in every area of development: Physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and creative. Children strengthen their perceptual-motor and eye-hand coordination when they do art activities.  Art gives children wonderful opportunities to express their feelings, building a sense of accomplishment, and strengthen problem-solving skills. Creating art helps children see, interpret, and understand the world around them.